Stretch your WiFi, not your sanity with our WiFi Guarantee

Our WiFi goes everywhere, so you don't have to.

While our Virgin Media hub will provide reliable broadband to your home, WiFi blackspots can sometimes be an issue in those hard-to-reach areas. The WiFi Guarantee from Virgin Media brings you Smart Wifi Pods, getting rid of black spots using our next level WiFi mesh technology.


WiFi technology that works around you

The clever technology inside our WiFi Pods uses the cloud to understand how you use WiFi and constantly adapts to create the best conditions for the network your household needs every day.

Applaud the Pod

Smart WiFi Pods work together with our Hubs to create a WiFi bubble that covers your entire home - including those hard-to-reach spots.

The Hub and the WiFi Pod will change your settings automatically to manage interference and make sure you’re on the fastest, most reliable connection you can be. Nice teamwork.

Find your Smart WiFi Pod’s happy place

To make the most of our WiFi Pod, find a socket and plug it in halfway between your black spot and your modem. This’ll help it extend your WiFi and connect your whole home to superfast WiFi, including attic rooms or extensions within your home.

What do I get with the WiFi Guarantee?

  • Remove WiFi blackspots in your home
  • Guaranteed speeds of 30Mb in every room
  • First pod included
  • Up to 2 additional pods plus a technician visit if needed
  • €50 credit if black spots persist

Get rid of your WiFi black spots
for only €5 per month extra