Get Up To Speed With esports

Esports, once a niche subculture, has grown into a global phenomenon, and Ireland is no exception to this electrifying wave of virtual competition. From sold-out arenas to online platforms with viewership numbers that rival traditional sports, the rise of esports has been nothing short of generation-defining.

It’s the revolution that’s taking over across the globe – and if you’re not au fait with esports, then it’s time to swot up! From the need-to-knows to using your Virgin Broadband to give it a go, here’s your crash course…

What are Esports?

esports, in simple terms, refers to competitive gaming. From Fortnite to FIFA and Magic to Madden, if it’s possible to win a game then someone’s made a tournament for it! Gameplay is either online and remote, or in person on a local area network (LAN) – and it’s a properly global industry. In fact, the value of the esports market worldwide is estimated to be more than $4.3 billion this year!

Professional Esports: SHOOTING STARS

The craze began – and, for many, is still associated – with genres like first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. The likes of League of Legends and Counter-Strike attract millions of players on a daily basis, though it’s only the cream of the crop that get to make a living from it at the professional level!

A SPORTING CHANCE, Defining Moments for Esports

Recent years have seen sports simulators stepping up their game, with FIFA, Madden and NBA2K heading the charge. In fact, when there was no live sport during the pandemic some organisations looked to esports to fill the void, with F1 recruiting its star drivers to compete in a Virtual Grand Prix series!

Esports Live

It’s not just players who are passionate about esports; viewers flock to major contests in their droves as well! Tens of thousands of fans pack out major arenas to soak in the action live, while the biggest tournaments attract millions of viewers around the world; last year’s VALORANT Champions event welcomed a hoard of excited gamers, who turned up to watch the athletes perform live, in real-time!


It’s little wonder esports have grown so quickly when you consider how simple it is to get started; as long as your broadband connection is up to it, then you can join online games within seconds! The speed and reliability of Virgin Broadband make it possibly the best broadband for gaming and will have you well on your way.


To making a successful start – but as we’ve heard from professional gamer Ciarán Walsh, you might need a good bit of practice to mix it with the best!


Perhaps the ultimate sign that esports is for real, the International Olympics Committee continues to explore the possibility of introducing it to the games. In 2022, medals were handed out at the Asian Games for Dota 2, Street Fighter V, and a number of other categories, and esports was also piloted as part of the Commonwealth Games. Meanwhile, the inaugural Olympic Esports Series was held in Singapore in June last year, with a second edition planned for 2024 — so who knows; we might see a WYLDE athlete take Olympic Gold for Ireland some time in the future!


It's clear that esports is not just a trend; it's reshaped the landscape of competitive gaming forever. Thanks to the lightning-fast connectivity of Virgin Broadband, joining the action is just a click away! As professional gamers continue to inspire and entertain, and with the tantalising prospect of esports gracing the Olympic stage, there's never been a better time to get up to speed with this thrilling revolution. So, power up your devices, grab your controllers, and immerse yourself in the future of competitive gaming. The stage is set, the game is on – see you in the virtual arena!