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Welcome to the Backing Business Community!

A community where we'll help connect, educate and support small business owners (SMEs)

We are launching the #BackingBusiness Community initiative to help small businesses expand and grow, while also offering tips on how to stay competitive in their respective markets.

We want to give SMEs in Ireland the opportunity to grow, learn and succeed through networking, which is why we are bringing a Brand Ambassador on board, Samantha Kelly, Tweeting Goddess, to join us on our journey.

Samantha is a Small Business Owner and a Published Author who primarily works as a Social Media Trainer. Samantha understands how critical support is for Small Business Owners and how it contributes to their growth.

Why should I join the #BackingBusiness Community?

Great question! If you want to pick up hints and tricks from experts, keep up to date with #BackingBusiness networking events, want opportunities to win exposure for your business, learn from experts in their respective fields, have access to webinars and want to network with other Small Business Owners, then this is the right community for you.

Samantha Kelly, Tweeting Goddess, Backing Business

Samantha Kelly, Tweeting Goddess

Samantha Kelly, Tweeting Goddess, Backing Business

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